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Hello everybody. My name's Aaron. I am new to the site, and fairly new to playing MM# (Mutatnts and Master Minds); I have recently been going over ideas for a character for a Bat Family centric game I'd like to play at some point. I have a few ideas in mind already. All three share the same background for the time being unless/until I can come up with something better. I will provide a link to my google drive where I have them stored currently. Another concept/question I have is if anyone would think that a character with Taskmaster's "powers" would be acceptable or fitting for a batman centered game or not. Any and all feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated, and I thank all posters in advance. :)


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    With regards to Taskmaster, you mean the Marvel character with photographic reflexes? I don't see any reason why such a character wouldn't fit in there - it's really not that different from what Deathstroke is capable of doing, and Cassandra Cain's abiltity to read body language probably already puts her pretty close to that capability, I'd think...

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