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Kind of a long one, but I had a ton of fun with this and wanted to share. I came up with an arcane simulator game for my players to play at the local arcade. I've got several modes and some basic rules. I thought I'd lay it out for people to steal, and see what else others can come up with. I can list the rules for the various game modes if anyone is interested.

The players appear in a "Lounge". Comfortable couches and chairs are scattered about a fancy smoking lounge, with snacks and drinks spread tastefully out buffets style along one wall. The others are adorned with racks of weapons of all types, armors of all sizes and shapes, and shelves of potions and scrolls. Above all of the shelves are floating scrying portals and illusionary displays showing the greatest hits and brawls of the game as the logo for Kill Pit scrolls across the images.

A small imp appears in a tattered suit and announces in a cheesy voice, entirely too loud for its small lung capacity, the rules and options:

Battle Royale- Last man standing

Team Battle- Team vs Team combat

Head Hunter- Teams compete to kill the most minion monsters in the allotted time limit

Disaster Dash- Teams try to make it through an obstacle course of natural disasters and events, or make it the farthest

Demolition Derby- Vehicle Combat. One driver, and one "gunner" per vehicle. Different options available

World Ender- All teams cooperate to defeat one big bad monster

All players have their equipment available to them. The Challenging Team may choose weapons or items from the walls first. Item's properties, limit, types, levels, and availability decided by GM. Their choices then become available to the Standing Team. The Standing Team then gets to choose 1 item in addition to what the first team chose. All players can see what each team chooses, but not who takes it.

After items have been chosen, a scroll appears mid air and unfurls in front of each player. Listed on it are all skills and attributes. Each player may choose to either add 10 points across any of their skills, OR, +2 to 2 different attributes or +4 to one.

At any time, if the venue that is hosting Kill Pit allows it, a player may switch modes to LETHAL MODE for themselves. Any winnings from bets are tripled, but you can actually die, and the other players keep that tripled bet. The venue claims any possessions or coin from a dead player.

Depending on the team sizes, the GM/game may grant one side an advantage or handicap.

As the game starts, your health, you number of spell slots, and chosen items appear in small HUDs in the corners of your vision.

My players just went through a Team Battle against a single orc. Definitely a tough fight with the advantage to the orc, and the shifting/changing fiery field of combat. But a ton of fun.

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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I... LOVE this.

    You've got me thinking of ways to incorporate some of these alternative play modes into my Grindhouse Arena. This could be really interesting.

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    @UslessTriviaMan- I saw your Grindhouse Arena stuff on your profile, and seeing this shows just how epic it really is. Feel free to adapt and borrow! I'm a huge sucker for 1 off alternitive play style sessions and mini games personally. I love coming up with little tweaks to make a session or senario a little more interesting. You can also roll a d6 to decide the type of terrain they'll be fighting in. This last session was over a rock and platform sprouting lava pit. But I want to see a Demolition Derby on an unstable frozen glacial lake, or Head Hunter high in a jungle canopy. They already said that they want to try more, so it may be our 1-offs/not feeling like a serious game session go-to. Im getting the rules together in a word doc to put in our media files and forum so one of them can run it if I'm out that week.

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