LFG in the Springfield or Eugene Oregon Area


I am new to Obsidian Portal but I am an experienced role playing gamer. I have been gaming on and off since 1976. I am familiar with D&D up to 3.5 (I am more then willing to learn 5.0), I'm also familiar with Cyberpunk, Marvel, Vampires the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Awakening, Hunters, Gurps, Call of Cthulhu, a little bit familiar with Shadow Run and a few other games.

I am interested also in learning new role playing games and meeting other gamers in the area. I can also GM any of the games I'm familiar with and have done so in the past.

I hope to hear from lots of other gamers and look forward to  meeting / adventuring soon.

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June 2023
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