[Online][WoD][V20] Lights Across the River Looking For Players


Hi all! I'm TRG, the HST of a new play by post world of darkness game using V20. It is a Camarilla game set in the United States, and deals with the themes of personal horror and the varied political motivations of clans and individuals. We're just starting up this month, and looking for new players to help flesh out the roster, and join us in ruling the night!


The game is set in Laredo, Texas, 1980, and focuses on the very close to home war with the Sabbat on the other side of the river. The domain of Laredo has taken a heavy blow at game start, with many court positions vacant due to the many deaths of the cities leaders.


The Sabbat have lost much, too, and reel back across the Rio Grande to regroup. So the Camarilla need to regrow too. Come help Prince Alexandra hold the city and keep the enemy on the other side of the border.


This is a 'once-a-day' at least sort of game, for those who are looking for something of that sort! Come check us out at http://lightonice.net/vampire/index.php.


You can also contact me @ Failjean#5980 on discord, or at our game discord https://discord.gg/5x2KBrZ if you're interested!

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March 2023

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