[LFP] for a Vampire 5th edition game Saturday evening (CST/GMT-6)


I have started work up on my own game set in St. Louis modern using the VtM:5e rules.   The time would be any time after 2pm and running as late as 11pm (CST/GMT-6) is the window for the game I would have open.  I am looking for at least three players no more than five to play new characters starting out as neonates (either as camarilla or anarch by player vote which will determine where in St. Louis the game will start).  Plan on using roll20 and discord for voice chat and keeping of character sheets and game info.  If you interested pleas PM me here and I will get back to you asap.


  • B00tySnatchaz37
    Posts: 1

    what kinda characters are you looking for? is it a low level rp or something more spice


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