Obsidian portal: good for world setting?


I just discovered Obsidian Portal, a great tool for campaign management. However I would like to know if is is suitable to manage the world that the campaigns are run into (e.g. city description, event chronicles, world map, race descriptions and so on). I see that it is possible to setup a wiki but I didn't understand if the wiki is related to a specific campaign or to the whole setting.


  • ragnarhawk
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    You can certainly set up a wiki for the entire setting.

    With an Ascendant membership you could also set up individual wikis for the individual campaigns, and link them via a setting wiki or direct links between campaigns.  With Ascendant, your wikis can have individual (semi) custom URLs, so the setting wiki could have general information, and the individual campaigns could be specific.  You would not have automatic URL lookup between the wikis, but could always import a full page from one to another if the content was especially pertinent.

    The separate wikis could have different backgrounds and/or color schemes so you can keep track of where you are.

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  • Kallak
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    The wiki format on Obsidian Portal is great in that it's "blank canvas" nature enables quite a bit of versatility. You can structure pages, layouts, and "sections" based on your individual needs.

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