Veteran Adventurer looking for a group of heroes or villians in the Kansas city area.


Hail and well met. I am currently looking for a group of adventures to go adventuring with. I have over twenty five years of killing orcs,goblins,the undead and well also destroying battle cruisers among other things. I have also established kingdoms and made life long friends and alliances. I hope this is all for naught for I  seek a group of people who are  deeply into character development and a storyteller who will make the mountains crumple  and the skies ablaze. I am currently in the domain of Kansas city and I am willing to travel by horse or ship or among other ways of transportation. I can only partake on great quests on Veneris or in the common tongue Friday or Dominica or Saturday in the common tongue. If you respond we shall share our exploits and if the stars aline we shall join in glorious adventure!

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November 2023
Violet Hill

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