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I think it would be nice if there were a check box, like the player box for Adversaries and Villains in a campaign.  Something that put them in a separate heading like the PC and NPCs are. I don't think there is anything that does that currently or am I missing something? 


  • Conan_Lybarian
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    I'm not nearly proficient enough, but I bet there's a code to create another npc section you can label as you wish. You can change the wording for PCs and NPCs as of a few months ago. I would imagine you could use different tags to label them advisories and allies

  • Solomyn_Kaine
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    Tags are a good idea. I use those. I too am not proficient enough with the code to figure out how to create another section.

  • Kallak
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    This is something I've done before on my own custom character pages, so I definitely see the appeal. As things exist now, you might be able to sort of Hodge podge it via CSS but I think it would likely be sloppy.

    I can look into how much work this might be to add additional sectioning capabilities to the character listing page.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Solomyn_Kaine
    Posts: 3

    Thank you, Kallak.  I am experimenting with ways to do it while hopefully not breaking anything. =)

  • NimrodYanai
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    I have some experience with HTML and CSS, I might be able to do something like this. It shouldn't be TOO complicated, as long as there are tags that can recognize which characters should be placed in the new section.

  • thaen
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    I noticed a bit back that some of the GMs have used a "quirk" of the system to create different "groupings" of PCs and/or NPCs.

    When the html displays a Character's name, it strips off any spaces at the beginning of the name.  But the spaces are still considered when the system is sorting the Characters.  So if you have a group of Characters that you want to all show up together in an alphabetical group, you can Edit each Character and add the same number of spaces to the front of their names.

    After that, I think you can creatively use the "before" "content" css trick to insert a heading where you want it.



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