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I think it would be nice if there were a check box, like the player box for Adversaries and Villains in a campaign.  Something that put them in a separate heading like the PC and NPCs are. I don't think there is anything that does that currently or am I missing something? 


  • Conan_Lybarian
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    I'm not nearly proficient enough, but I bet there's a code to create another npc section you can label as you wish. You can change the wording for PCs and NPCs as of a few months ago. I would imagine you could use different tags to label them advisories and allies

  • Solomyn_Kaine
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    Tags are a good idea. I use those. I too am not proficient enough with the code to figure out how to create another section.

  • Kallak
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    This is something I've done before on my own custom character pages, so I definitely see the appeal. As things exist now, you might be able to sort of Hodge podge it via CSS but I think it would likely be sloppy.

    I can look into how much work this might be to add additional sectioning capabilities to the character listing page.

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  • Solomyn_Kaine
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    Thank you, Kallak.  I am experimenting with ways to do it while hopefully not breaking anything. =)

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