Site is getting blocked by the Corporate Policy


So perhaps fairly the algorithms have determined that I would be  spending to much time on this site. 

Suppose if I a going to be spend time at work developing get ar my campaign  could just type it up and paste here when I got home.  Just wondered if anybody else had any ideas to get around the company firewall. 


  • Johnprime
    Posts: 252

    The company I work for uses a 3rd party for our technical support has a firewall block on all German based websites, I code in PHP and one of the sites I use to look up info about the coding syntax is in Germany. I entered a support request to the to have that URL released so that I could access that site and managed to get it approved. You could try something like that for OP, but since it's not really a web page development site with code an such, I'm not sure you'll get the same response I did.

    Though maybe if you do any kind of coding with say CSS, HTML and JS, you could use the excuse that there are people on here who can answer questions about variaious languages to help with coding problems.


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