What is the most interesting item you ever created or possessed?

Was it an epic-level artifact with page after page of powers, or something mundane that proved invaluable at the right moment? A sentimental keepsake? A trophy taking many quests to earn? A marvel made from the mind of a genius? What treasure made your game a treat?


  • Conan_Lybarian
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    I'm pretty proud of the stuff I've crafted for Cold Truce and Star Breaker, but my player in Cold Truce and I made my favorite. I told them they could each pick a common and uncommon magic item to start the  campaign. So we agreed she could use both to make the Top Hat of Holding. They recently got back to headquarters and had a few in-game weeks worth of loot to trade, and a surprise I had forgotten about. So she takes the thing off, waves her hand over it like a cheesy magician, then pulls this week old corpse out like a disgusting rabbit! She then turns the thing over and dumps a small armory of collected goods. I know it functions like the Bag of Holding, but the flavor of it has made it easily my favorite.

  • Jynx001
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    It's all about the presentation and the prestige, @Conan_Lybarian !! Love it.

    One of my recent favorites was a standard tower shield that my Dwarven Shield Specialist hauled around. It had a pocket welded behind the handle where an Immovable Rod (classic) could be inserted. When we needed to block a door or corridor - CLICK - instant, wizardless wall of steel. Handy for when you need to set up camp in the middle of a dungeon.

  • Conan_Lybarian
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    @Jynx001- There are two things I buy or quest for in every campaign as a player. A bag of holding, and an Immovable Rod. Easily the most useful and fun item in almost every campaign. Door stop, ladder, tent pole, towel rack, prisoner tether, anything! I played with a guy who climbed up on a hill giant and shoved the thing half way down his throat to neutralize him. I'll have to put one in a shield next time I play- that's an awesome idea.

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  • gastoff
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    I had a narcissistic Sorcerer who crafted an intelligent staff that was topped with a mirror so that he could "talk with the only person worthy of carrying on a decent conversation...myself".

    In that same campaign, when the party came across a set of gloves that were a minor artifact that boosted spell DCs by +4, he got in an argument with the other caster over who should have the gloves. Because of where the gloves were discovered and having encountered a few cursed items in the session prior, my sorcerer recommended that they have the gloves investigated for safety before discussions continued on who could make better use of them. He quickly found a master artisan who crafted an identical set of gloves, then he enchanted said gloves with a fake magical aura that mimicked the original, and used another magical aura spell to mask the real gloves (which he secretly kept). All this was done through secret messages with the DM.

    The other magic user "won" the debate and kept the fake gloves thinking he had a powerful artifact. For the rest of the campaign, the DM was mentally subtracting 4 from whatever that player said his spell DCs were. They still have no idea and I hope they never discover this post. surprise


  • twiggyleaf
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    My simple favourite was a telescopic 10' pole.  That kind of thing probably exists now, but it didn't in the early days of D&D.  

    But I must say, I have previously commented on how much I love the idea of that "Top Hat of Holding".



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  • JaymesBolton
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    A mysterious lunchbox given to me by garl glittergold (he was disguised as a taco stand vendor and I wanted a lunchbox to keep the tacos fresh for the next day of traveling) that would change anything I put into it into something new. Put a card from the Deck of many things in there and quite a few other things. Got some interesting powers from the DM over the course of the campaign by playing with that thing. 

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