Help me fill my world with NPCs


Alright all, I need all your creative minds to help create a living city. The information I need will be for NPCs that are adventurers retired or otherwise that live or work in “the city of guilds” Boltin. Please make level 1-5 NPCs. If your character works really well thematically with my world, I might ask to have you make them level 10 and be an important part of the story. 

When making these characters, please have the following in mind. 

2 Ideals

1 Bond

1 Flaw

Any personality traits/quirks

Alignment (So I can attempt to rp them) 

Any additional information you would like me to have for them for rp purposes. 

Role in the city (No high ranking officials unless I reach out to you for it): 

Example...City watch, merchant, agent, ect...

What guild you are in:

Matzes Guild of Magic-Archeologists, scholars, Researchers. This guild usually excels in arts of the arcana, and discovering the magical nature of things. 

Order of the Ash - Protectors of all things natural and the preservation of the animals and forests that have not been corrupted due to foul magic 

Bloodhawk Mercenaries - Monies mostly. This guild relishes in dangerous situations and the more dangerous, the more likely they are to accept a contract. Life expectancy is not that great however. 

Finders Mandolin - Uses espionage or spy networks to acquire anything. Oddly enough, this is where people also go to find private investigators or solving crimes. 

5 Divines Chapel - Church of Law and Justice. This guild is primarily a church dedicated to the likes of Tyr, Helm and other Dieties of Law or Good. This Guild also has a strong military and has recently been rumored to invade Limbo. 

These are the main guilds, while there are many much smaller “guilds”, most of the small ones don’t make it or get absolved into the main guilds. If you would like to create a guild with the help of the other creators, by all means. If your guild gets enough people to join it, it will become a major guild in the world of Illadios. Even if it fails to become large, it can still have its relevance, so don’t let that deter you. 

When creating these characters please have names that would fit a serious setting. It can be slightly silly if you wish, but if it is too immersion breaking, I will likely change it to fit the setting. This world operates much like Faerun or any of the other published settings. 

Unfortunately I do not have a place for the following races as of yet, but might include them later: Genasi, Bugbear, Centaurs, Gith, Goliath, Hobgoblin, Loxodon, Minotaurs, Simic Hybrids, Vedalkin, Yuan-ti Pureblood. Please bare with me while I find a good way to incorporate them into my world better. 

As for classes, please keep to published material and not UA with the exception of revised ranger. I have not had a chance to play with the other classes and test them out except ranger as of yet. 

If you would like to also give a quest to the adventurers that may likely meet you, add that information as well. Please keep the quest in the ranges of level 1-10. information for the quest I will need is: CR, how you would like the encounter to go, possible reward(don’t be overly generous as this campaign is meant to be difficult), and roleplaying information. Also bonus points if you can tie it in to the main problems in the game without breaking the campaign. 

Lastly, Do you have a cool trinket or item that is based on the Lore of your character that I can introduce to the players. 

Thank you if you do choose to help.

I also have a FB page dedicated to it as well

and the obsidian portal location is here:

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