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Can anyone help me with this, i'm having some issues. I'm starting up a campaign and i plan to have around 300 NPC's on the character page, and since the players have accepted my invite to game, every single bloody time i make or edit a character it has 2 out of 5 of the players checked off for sending them email updates that i have to unclick because i don't think anything wants 300 emails about a new character being added.

Is there any way to get rid of that? I went into my own profile and unchecked everything regarding email notifications already and asked the players to do the same, and even after they did, i still have to uncheck those damn boxes...


  • Kallak
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    Hey @sinisterwaffle, is this happening on one campaign in particular? If so, let me know which one and I can check things out administratively; see if I can figure out what's going on under the hood. It's supposed to only default those checkboxes to on if the player(s) in question have indicated in their profile that they wish to receive those notifications. If you have gotten with them and they've updated their profiles and saved, and it's STILL doing it, then I'd say something is off somewhere.

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  • Krothos
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    I might be wrong here, but I found those "default" checked players are those players that have all their notifications enabled on their account profiles. When I asked one of my players to turn off their notification options, their checkbox stopped being checked by default on my site pages. Again, this might have been a coincidence. If this does work for you, it also means that your players won't receive most of your notifications either.

    (edit) Never mind, looks like Kallak said the same thing. Note to self, read previous postings before replying. Derp :-)

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  • Johnprime
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    I've seen the same thing with the email box checked and the player's notification options being set in their profile! So you are right as far as I know about that Krothos!

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