Looking for players in Southern Maine


Greetings all, 

I live in Saco, Maine, and I'm looking to start a new campaign. I've recently moved here and don't know a lot of local players, so I'm reaching out publicly. 

I DM the game, its a homebrew setting that I'm working on transferring into a wiki here on Obsidian portal. As I have time I'm creating the pages. Its here for anyone who'd like to check it out. 


I am using the 5th edition rules set. The world is a Fantasy world where the monsterous humanoids won, and have pushed the player races back into one large mega city thousands of years ago. The players will be Exploring the city of Bastion and venturing out into the now hostile world to uncover the secrets of Bastions past. 

Please feel free to hit me up if you'd like to know anything more about the world, of if you or anyone you know is interested in joining a game. 

This is for in person players, not remote. 

Thanks all. 

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