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  • We went opening night to see It: Chapter Two and I was very happy with it. Bill Hader as adult Richie Tozier was spectacular, and the guy who played adult Eddie Kaspbrak was uncannily just like the kid Eddie. Almost eerily similar, but it was great. Bill Skarsgaard was skeery as hell.

  • I binge-watched The Boys on Amazon Prime, and holy CRAP that was good. Very, VERY un-kid-friendly though. Violence, sex, and bad language everywhere, but oh so good.

  • I'm a few episodes into Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and I'm enjoying it, but it's moving slow (kinda like the movie did). I've heard it picks up about halfway through, so I'll keep at it.

  • I also watched the first episode of Carnival Row, and that looks like it could be really, REALLY good. I very much enjoyed what I've seen so far. 

  • And at the moment I'm watching my Chicago Bears face off against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. Our defense came to play!

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    I'm not much of a TV watcher, but after looking up some horror recommendations I found this show on Netflix called Marianne. It's French with some absolutely garbage English dub, but if you can get passed that it's really creepy. I'm 3 episodes in and plan on watching more tonight after work.

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    Dark Crystal, the Boys, and Carnival Row were all excellent!  I actually used the mystics in Dark Crystal as the model for my character's slow speech.

    Your Bears will be going down to my Packers again in December....

    Just trying to help out.

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    Lately, I've been watching House, M.D. after having decided to go ahead and finish off the rest of the series. Back when, I had seen like the first 3 seasons or so. That said, I'm trying to take my time with it, because the current state of Hollywood and the entertainment industry means that they aren't making anything I particularly care for in more recent years - so it might be hard to find something new I'd be interested in watching.

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    Been streaming a lot of Netflix lately when I'm watching anything at all!

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