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I love data, lists, data analysis and being able to analyze lists.

My current campaign has a lot of characters, both PC and NPC that I would otherwise organize into a list, but even without this option Obsidian provides a great tool in tags. Each tag serves as a column in a list that I can further analyze or sort or whatever. Wonder if there's a class imbalance among characters? Easy to check. Which area is the most populous? Got ya. Need to sort out characters belonging to one group? Here you go!

THe only thing that this feature is lacking is that I can't share what I crated. Say, I do a wiki page about a ity and I want to create a link that would provide a list of all characters that live in the area. Currently I have to do it manually, but it would be so much easier if I just could create a link to the characters page with the filters I need turned on

To illustrate what I'm talking about:


And while we are on the matter of tags...

The search function is great bar one thing - you need to know the exact tag you're looking for. Like here, I know I hate a 'sept' tag but there's no indication what other tags I might have and also there's no option to search for two tags simultaneously (at least not that I know one of)


Lastly, while there is an option to search by tag, there are some issues with it:

1. There's no easy way to get to the search page other than click on a random tag which is really inconvenient. This should be a part of front page menu

2. The search page itself is created with a tag name in the address, so it's impossible to access blank search page (at least as far as I know). Would be nice to have a blank one

3. It's impossible to select more than one tag (once more) which severely limits the functionality of the search engine. It's vital to have this feature so that the engine works properly

4. And the category selections aren't saved when providing links to the page.

Here's the illustration to those points above



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