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right now it only lets you date adventure logs from 2009 to 2029... would like to be able to post adventure logs by the in-universe dates (e.g. 2050s, for old school Shadowrun, I'm sure other GMs have use cases that go further into the future or the past...)


  • Krothos
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    I would very much like this idea! :)

  • cgregory
    Posts: 780

    I've got adventure logs dated 2072 from our old Shadowrun campaign.  So it can be done currently.


    You still can do it, but it was easier when it didn't force you to use the drop box and you could just use free text. In order to set a date past 2029 you need to choose 2029, then select the year again. It will open allow to 2039. Keep doing it and you will reach 2050.


    It would be nice to have access to typing in the date again.

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  • Tau_Cetacean
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    thanks for the workaround tip!  agreed... would be nice if they restored the functionality to do this in a non-tedious manner...

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