Looking for Players for one of two games [Face to Face][Wolverhampton/West Midlands] [UK]


I've recently moved to Wolverhampton in the UK and am looking for players (happy to play but prefer to run games).  I've put two games up on here and am looking to run one of them. 

First: Agents of Avalon (7th Sea second edition)


Set in Theah, the game will focus on the PCs as agents of the Avalonian crown as they rush to find a cure for Queen's illness and then to the villain who has made her ill with an Automaton Musician. Cads, bounders, duelists, sorcerers, pirates and thieves welcome. 

Or, second: Uprising (Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition)


The Technocracy is on the march, resurgent as the 21st Century grows into its adulthood. Determined to drive back apathy and embrace muscular Science, they strike back at the Traditions, the Reality Deviants and others, grinding dissent beneath their heel. Rise up, take the fight to those who would crush the life from the world in this our Uprising!



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