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So is there some specific reason why normally usable CSS rules like '@import' or certain comment schemas auto fail on the css editor on the blanket error output of "not allowed"?

I would really like to be able to standardize my CSS programming to reference my GIT repo without having to copy pasta the affecting code every time I wish tio make a styling update. I becomes a bit of an over tedious task.


  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090

    The rules for this sort of thing were established long before my time, so I can only make general assumptions, but I imagine that it was done as a means to limit potential malicious activity originating from third-party sources.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • weasel0
    Posts: 435

    Pretty much that.


    The whole place was run by 1 guy for quite a bit and it was easier to just outright put a cork in certain holes than try to create greater and greater spaghetti code as he tinkered with it over the years.

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