Calendar feature - availability/poll?


Hi everyone.

I'm considering getting the Ascendant level so I can use the campaign calendar. However, I can't see to find info on what features it has. 

Does the calendar allow players to show their availability or does it have some kind of "poll" system to help plan the next session?

Right now I just send out an online poll (doodle) every month and it's okay, but would rather have a regular calendar with availability.


- Tarthrin


  • Krothos
    Posts: 230

    The calendar allows you to set events (name, start/end date/time, comments, and reminders). Your players can respond to these events to indicate their participation. Not aware of any polling option though.


  • tarthrin
    Posts: 2

    Thanks Krothos

  • Conan_Lybarian
    Posts: 240

    The forum is a huge help for this too, which is only ascendant. It's how we run and plan the in-between stuff. Don't have to send anything out- just put a post up, or share game info. Ascendant is well worth the money. Try it for a month or 2 then go down if you're not sure, but I did it then opted for the full year after I realized I didnt have to text or email a bunch of people/stuff.

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