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Is there a way to make an imbeded image pop/expand when hovered over? I found the post about menu and character icons, which has put me on a whole new "How do I do THAT!?" quest. It may be because I'm still very new to CSS, but it seems like imbeded images have a different rule set?


  • cgregory
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    Typically when I want to do transformations on images I don't use embedded images but rather create the image html myself so I can give it a class and more easily play around with it.

    So for example I might create a linkable image  (in this case the image for the Karma button on the main wiki page of my old X-Com campaign). Obviously you don't need the a href or use the absolute position.

    <a  href="";

    <img class="lefnavimg" STYLE="position:absolute; TOP:175px; LEFT:155px"   src="">;


    Then I do the transform

     .lefnavimg:hover {

        -webkit-transform: translate(1em,0);

        -moz-transform: translate(1em,0);

        -o-transform: translate(1em,0);

        -ms-transform: translate(1em,0);

        transform: translate(1em,0);


    In this case the transform is moving right and moving left (translate), but it is the same idea for using scaling.

    transform: scale(1.1);

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  • Conan_Lybarian
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    Awesome! I've been digging through all the CSS self teaching sites and info I can find, and that definitely cracks the code. Always solid @cgregory. Thanks!

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