How do I create a hyperlink image for my campaigns in my signature? I've spent some time playing with it, but have only been able to create entire-page sized monstrosities.


  • Johnprime
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    So for my signature, I've made my own images for my campaigns and sized them accordingly. For the size I made them 500 wide by 100 tall, but for some reason, they were switched to 499 by 100. But when I wrote the signature, I just uploaded them to the OP site using the image icon in the edit box.

    I guess you could also store them somewhere else online, but I didn't feel it necessary to do that.


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  • cgregory
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    It has been a longtime since I did mine. I have a small image created as well, but I noticed that the source code for my sig has an inline style with a height and width defined, so I might have specifically clicked the Source button and added the inline style.

    My guess is I added the image, then went in a added the inline style.

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