DST drop down is awol


From what I have been able to piece together, if I spell a game system correctly in settings, and someone had had a dst approved under that system, I should have access to it in my sheet drop down box. This has never worked on any of my campaigns. The only one I'm chiefly interested in is "Of Gossamer and Gold" for D&D 5e, which Im just starting to play around with. Can someone peek and see what's going on? Im pretty sure I did everything correctly according to the instructions I could find...


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    Nevermind.  I'm not sure what changed between yesterday and today, but it works now!  So that's cool.


  • Kallak
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    Hi @An_Scealai,

    You are indeed correct. If you have set the game system in the campaign's Basic Settings area, all approved DSTs for that game system will appear in a drop-down list on the character create/edit page. Also, as a side note, you shouldn't have to fully type in the game system if you're worried about typos or the like. Once you begin typing, suggested matches should populate that you can then click on to complete the game system fill in.

    As requested, I used my administrator access to log into OP as you so that I could check things out. The game system for your Of Gossamer and Gold campaign is properly set, and for me the drop-down of available DSTs is displaying correctly. I've included an image with the drop-down clicked on to see the options available:

    The fact that it's working for me, but not for you (and never has as you said) makes me think there might be something on your end that is causing this problem. Can you give me some more details about your setup?

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