We saw it Saturday and were very happy with that movie. I'm really glad to see DC stopped doing the everything-must-be-dark-and-gloomy thing and finally gave us a fun, laugh-filled superhero movie.

I'm putting this squarely in my Top Four DC Movies, alongside Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight, and the original 1978 Superman. Definitely better than Justice League, and a bit more fun (for me) than Aquaman.

Anybody else have thoughts?

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  • Kallak
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    Although I haven't seen the movie as of this point in time (just the preview), I can say that I generally like Zachary Levi, so I'm hopeful.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Johnprime
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    I saw the movie the first Friday when it came out! I think it's one of the better DC movies and have much better expectations for future DC movies provided they keep going in this direction. I was quite surprised by some of what they did in the movie as far as the direction they took it. Don't want to give spoilers in case someone reads this that hasn't seen the movie yet, but was still happy with what they did!

    Really loved the scenes in the credits! Wonder what they're going to do as far as Black Adam is concerned, but after the announcement by Dwayne Johnson from the other day, well, it looks like he's going to get his wish!


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