Star Trek Late Night Returns


It has been a few years since we last visited Star Trek Late Night. The last time we ran in the Star Trek Universe, OP was kind enough to give us a campaign of the month. So we have returned to the campaign. Taking inspiration from the Star Trek Online Universe, we have initiated a quantum shift and are bringing in a new crew, new ship, and a series of new stories that will be as exciting as any we ran in the past.

For those that remember the old campaign, Crazy eight was the only major character to survive the dramatic ending. The story left off with her taking a Wells Class Timeship and going back in time to change things. Now we have a new timeline to explore. Go look at the timeline in the wiki to see the changes. Red is old stuff that was changed, blue is the new. Black is the unchanged sections.

The new story picks up in 2409 and follows a Starfleet crew. It shall be an adult story that NSFW so be aware that the ship logs may contain rated R material. I hope that you will take the time to check out our campaign and follow us into the adventure of a lifetime.


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