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Hello, I just created my account and I am completely new to the world of RPG. I don't want to jump straight into a campaign, because if I don't get how the game works, I'll be a hindrance to the rest of the members. This, here I am. I'm not sure if there's a post dedicated to this, but I haven't found one so I'm just asking if anyone is willing to pass along some knowledge so I can learn just how to do this. Thank you for reading this and I hope to speak with you soon.



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    HI frozensaiyan97

    Welcome to Obsidian Portal.  The main use of this site is to build campaigns that can be worked on, making it easy to refer to for Game Masters and players alike.  Games can be played at tabletop or online.  If you are hoping to play on tabletop, I would suggest you decide what sort of game you want to play (e.g. Fantasy like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, or Space like Star Wars or Starfinder). There are also many other genres.  Then I would suggest checking out "MEETUP" to see if you can find a local group.  If you want to play ONLINE, then I would suggest you contact one of the other groups looking for players in the PLAYERS LOUNGE section that you have posted in.  

    Good luck!   




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    Hi frozensaiyan97,

    Welcome to the world of roleplaying.  First I would like to say that D&D 5th Edition (5E) is, in my opinion, one of the friendliest versions of the game for new players ever.  Still, I understand that roleplaying has a reputation for mystery, and I can understand your concern.

    One good way to try roleplaying out is playing in a One Shot game.  This is where everyone is expecting to play just one session (typically a 4 hour session), so there is less need to worry about long term impact.  You can often find one shots that are new player friendly at a local game convention. The latest Obisidian portal blog has some listed, as well as some sources for finding more.  Almost any "1st Tier" 5E game at a convention will gladly welcome new players and help them find their footing.

    Another place to find one shots is on Virtual Tabletops.  I personally use Roll20.  It lets you game with people from practically anywhere.  I will be playing tomorrow from Illinois, with an old army buddy in TN running the game, and my old best man in GA joining as well.  There is a search function on the site with options to see games that "...welcome new players", and that are Free to Play (there are some GameMasters - GMs, that charge for games, but those expectations are set up front)

    Whatever route you go, I wish you the best.

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