LFP MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (CBD) Greyhawk Campaign (Eastern Flaeness), Castles & Crusades


Alright, EOI time - LFP, CBD, Castles & Crusades Greyhawk Campaign, Monday evenings, starting end of March, venue TBC

Evening all! I'm moving back down to Melbourne at the end of the month, so I'll be looking to get a group together so we can kick off as soon as possible. Now, I've previously run mostly Call of Cthulhu, with a little bit of D&D 5E, but I've decided a new start warrants trying something new (although I'll still be looking to run occasional CoC one shots as well!)

So, I've decided to give Castles & Crusades a whirl, a system that harks back to old school games in feel (I'm not a fan of insanely rules heavy systems unless it's a wargame!), while still offering plenty of choice and flavour. It seems like a pretty straightforward system so should be easy enough for newcomers and veterans alike to pick up, without the need for everyone to have a copy of the PHB (I'll make sure I've got a couple of copies for the table and we'll run a session zero so we can all get acquainted and figure out the nitty gritty stuff).

I've always wanted to run a Greyhawk campaign, so I figured this was as good a time as any to get it going. I'll be integrating a mix of pre-written and my own material (the joy of C&C is it's fairly compatible with a lot of older D&D material so plenty to draw on), with the intention of running a fairly open sandbox with an overarcing narrative running throughout, with flexibility to branch in and out of various affairs. I'm aiming for a nice mix of dungeon delving, wilderness exploration and urban encounters - which you focus most on is up to you :)

Planning to run on Mondays, preference for weekly. Looking to kick things off with between 5-6 players to start with, if I feel the system can handle more from there, we can add more in later.

I feel like I've written a whole lot and probably missed out some vital bits of information, so if anyone's got any questions, feel free to ask away :)

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