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Im really running into the edges of OPs limited functionality.  Is it possible to embed custom javascript either directly in wiki pages or as an iframe that embeds from another server?


  • Kallak
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    As one might be able to surmise from our release of the JavaScript insertion buttons back in October, the ability for users to enhance their campaigns with JS is an area that we're interested in and starting to take steps to expand into. We just need to also be able to keep a handle on things to prevent mischief, malicious activity and the like. It's definitely something we'd like to discuss with users like you.

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  • jeffpk
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    So there are really two issues here.  One you can guard against fairly easily and the other you can't.

    The easy one is to guard against scripts maliciously using your backend.  To do that you make the site owner host their javascript elsewhere and just include it using an IFrame ( or a web component (

    The harder one is to guard the visitor against malicious code.  Honestly, I think that's on the user.  There are plenty of web browsing protection systems out there including the free Brave browser.  (

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