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Hi OP Peeps!

I have been using OP for a few years now but only for private games.  I am thinking about creating a public campaign but I have questions.  I cannot find answers to these on the FAQ anywhere.

1. When I make my campaign public can everyone immediately see all the content OR must the user first be added to the campaign?

2. When a player wants to join I want to be able to accept them.  In other words I do not want them to be able to add themselves.  Is that possible?

Thanks gang!

John T


  • Kallak
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    Hey @JohnTaber, I'll do some tweaking on the FAQ entries related to campaign privacy and see if I can't have these sorts of questions answered more thoroughly for future readers. As far as answers go:

    [1] Making a campaign public means that anyone is able to visit it. It does not mean they have full and total access to see everything though. First and foremost, they are limited to the "front end" of the campaign; back end tabs like Settings, Media Library, Forums and so forth are off limits. Additionally, the normal visibility rules apply for things like GM-only and player secrets.

    [2] Players have to be invited to the campaign, they cannot join on their own.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • JohnTaber
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    Excellent reply!  Thanks.  :D  That completely answered my questions.  :)

  • JohnTaber
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    Regarding 1 above.  I changed the setting to Public then tested it out.  Users have full access to the Adventure Logs and Wiki.  I have logistical information like my contact information as a wiki entry so people can find it easily.  Thus I cannot use Public even thought it would be perfect for my site.

    Can I ask for a feature change?  Can you consider only exposing the Front Page to players who are not part of the campaign?  Better yet can you consider a small checklist so that administrator can control what public users can see?

    Bummed that I can't use what seems to be a neat feature of the site.  :(


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  • JohnTaber
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    FORGOT!  When you update the FAQ be REALLY specific about which features of the site are visible on Public campaign sites.  ;)

  • ragnarhawk
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    You could make a page where the contact information is in the Player Secrets section.  Just select all of the players as the ones in on the secret.  The page will be visible, but the secrets (like contact information) will only be available to the listed players.

  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Yup, @ragnarhawk said exactly what I was going to suggest. Move your sensitive info to the players-only section of the wiki page. It works fantastic for us.

    (I shudder to think what would happen if everything I've got tucked into our players-only sections became public!)

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