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Like the category description states, this board is all about answering one question: "What does Obsidian Portal need to be the ultimate destination for tabletop gamers?" It's a question that will always be relevant, and requires us to consult the people who understand the necessities and desires of our target audience better than anyone else - you, the users!

That being the case, posts here should be constructive and centered around things like (1) suggestions for new features that would be useful or beneficial, (2) Advancements or augmentations to existing features that would improve them, and (3) process tweaks that would make the site more efficient or otherwise qualify as 'quality of life' improvements.

The obvious disclaimer here is that there is no guarantee of any given idea or suggestion being implemented. As community and content manager, I can put user suggestions in front of the development team, and I can give my input with a certain level of influence, but ultimately there are numerous other factors that go into the calculus.

So bring forth your suggestions, ideas and brainstorms. I look forward to reading them all.

All the best,
- Kallak
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April 2024
Season of Strife

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