I am not a #$%@!& Robot!


I am tired of having to, over and over, rerun the Captcha (sp?) whenever I want to send an email..  Particularly when we seem to often have a disagreement over whether the small fuzzy blob in the distance is a bus, or car, or bike or alien-invader...

So I'm supposed to run some sort of anti-virus check?  Do tell.  I keep my Mac OS scrupiously up to date and try to stay on top of any possible exploits out there.  (No I don't run Flash).   Is there an approved anti-virus to run?  (Umm if it involves Russian or Chinese products, I might give a pass.)  Just how in the hell can you tell that I have or have not run something in any case.  THAT sounds like an information leak that I would prefer to have plugged.

Crossing my fingers that I will be able to post this without being grilled finding traffic lights.

Ras K'cir


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