ckeditor loading when it shouldn't breaking character edit page

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I've been unable to submit my post. Let's see if this simpler post works. (The actual question is in the comments.)

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  • Rebecca321
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    I'm working on a character sheet, and when I load the edit page ckeditor attempts to load, even though I have Textile selected. If I load it with http:// the editor fails to load, and the bottom edit boxes fail to load as well. I get this error message


    [CKEDITOR] Error code: uploadimage-config


    If I load it with https:// (the default), it attempts to load a bunch of Google fonts using "http://"; URLs and the page load stalls as it makes thousands of failed attempts. 

    I've narrowed the trigger down to a single function (adapted by code from Chainsaw XIV, but with the format bar code removed in a (failed) attempt to solve this problem. 

    Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I can't see anything in the code that would trigger it.


  • Rebecca321
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    this.edit = function(context){

    function escape(string){
    //string = string.replace(/\\/g,'\\\\');
    //string = string.replace(/"/g,'\\\"');
    string = string.replace(/</g,'&lt;');
    return string;

    function unescape(string){
    string = string.replace(/&lt;/g,'<');
    string = string.replace(/&gt;/g,'>');
    //string = string.replace(/\\"/g,'"');
    //string = string.replace(/\&quot;/g,'"');
    //string = string.replace(/\&#92;/g,'\\');
    return string;
  • Rebecca321
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    		// Just unescape if not editing
    if (!csx_opts.isEditable){
    var editFields = context.querySelectorAll('.dsf:not(.readonly),.edit:not(.readonly)');
    for (var i = 0; i < editFields.length; i++)
    editFields[i].innerHTML = unescape(editFields[i].innerHTML);

    // Default the context if not set
    if (!context) context = document;

    // Convert each editable field
    var editFields = context.querySelectorAll('.dsf,.edit');
    for (var i = 0; i < editFields.length; i++){

    var baseField = editFields[i];

    // Don't do anything to read only fields
    if (baseField.className.match(/readonly/))

    // Replace the field span with a div if it's not
    // Here instead of render so events attach to the new div
    var field = baseField;
    if (baseField.tagName == 'SPAN'){
    var field = document.createElement('div');
    field.className = baseField.className;
    field.innerHTML = baseField.innerHTML; =; =; =; =;
    field.old_value = '';

    // Set the default text value for blank fields
    if (baseField.attributes['defaultString']){
    field.defaultValue = baseField.attributes['defaultString'].value;
    field.defaultValue = csx_opts.defaultFieldValue;

    // Returns the text edited into the field
    field.value = function(){

    // Return nothing if the field is defaulted
    if (this.innerHTML == this.defaultValue)
    return '';
    // Otherwise return the actual content
    return this.innerHTML;


    // Populates editable fields with default values
    field.render = function(){

    this.innerHTML = unescape(this.innerHTML);

    // Set default value if the field is blank
    if (this.innerHTML == csx_opts.defaultFieldValue || this.innerHTML == '')
    this.innerHTML = this.defaultValue;

    // Activate the field for editing

  • Rebecca321
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    // Strips the default value away if needed
    field.unrender = function(){

    if (this.innerHTML == this.defaultValue)
    this.innerHTML = '';

    // Replace this with a span if it's not
    if (this.tagName != 'SPAN'){
    var span = document.createElement('span');
    span.className = this.className;
    span.innerHTML = escape(this.innerHTML);


    // Attaches required events and sets values
    field.enable = function(){

    // Set title and cursor mode
    this.title = 'Click and type to edit';

    // Make the content editable
    this.contentEditable = true; // *** This is hella slow in FF for some reason

    // Assign the required events to the field
    this.addEventListener('focus', this.activate, false);
    this.addEventListener('blur', this.deactivate, false);
    this.allowBlur = true;


    // Select content and show edit interface on focus
    field.activate = function(e){
    this.old_value = this.innerHTML;

    // Display the formatting toolbar

    // Shade the field
    this.className += ' activeField';

    // Select all the text in the field for editing
    var el = this;
    requestAnimationFrame(function() {;

    // Disable the element's title
    this.titleStore = this.title;
    this.title = '';


    // Called when the field loses focus, hide editing interface
    field.deactivate = function(){


    // Hide the formatting toolbar
    // this.formatBar.hide();

    // Default the text if empty
    if(this.innerHTML == '' || this.innerHTML == '&lt;br&gt;')
    this.innerHTML = this.defaultValue;

    // Unshade the field
    this.className = this.className.replace(/ activeField/g,'');

    // Enable the element's title
    this.title = this.titleStore;

    if(this.old_value != this.innerHTML){

    // Called when the content changes, typically overridden
    field.update = function(){


    // Selects all the text in the field = function(){

    var range = document.createRange();
    var selection = window.getSelection();


    // Create ref to format bar
    //field.formatBar = formatBar;

    // Ready the field for use


  • Kallak
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    Have you tried reaching out to Chainsaw yet? If your sheet is based on one of his, I'd say that's the best place to start (just make sure it's a site PM instead of a forum PM). I might also check out his DST GitHub page. There's a lot of good stuff on there.

    That said, I tried it out on one of my test campaigns, and I didn't see the CKEditor try to load (I too am set for Textile editor). All I saw was the fields and labels for the sheet populate and then vanish, leaving the background by itself.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
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