Remove old campaigns from dropdown without leaving/deleting the campaign?


After a few years, and many games on OP, my Campaigns dropdown menu is becoming very long!

It would be incredibly helpful if I could somehow mark campaigns on my profile page as inactive, so that they no longer showed up in the Campaigns dropdown menu, without having to leave the campaign entirely. There are a number of games that I've played in that are no longer active, so I don't need them in the dropdown, but I still want to keep them on my profile page.

Similarly, there are games that I've run that are finished or on hiatus that I don't need to see in the dropdown, but I don't want to delete them entirely. Perhaps in such cases this is something that could be done automatically if a game's Campaign Status is changed to 'On Hiatus' or 'Completed'?


  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090

    There isn't directly at this moment, but what a fantastic idea! Im going to get this added to the dev board straight away!

    All the best,
    - Kallak
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