Spaces Breaking Wiki Links


Another wiki problem I have:

Seemingly at random, certain space characters get replaced by " " breaking links and messing with my editing.  An example:

And its result on the saved page:

Instead of Archmagos Toronos, it becomes Archmagos Toronos and breaks the wiki link to that page.  This is not visible in the CkEditor.  I can always go into the source and manually edit this out, but that's a waste of time.  I don't understand why the sequence is getting inserted in the first place.  How do I prevent this?


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    Actually my recommendation (and that of most veteran users around here) would be to switch from the CkEditor to the Textile editor. CkEditor is still pretty wonky and doesn't behave the way it should, but Textile is very solid. It should make most (if not all) your problems go away easily.

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