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I'm having a problem getting underlining to work in my wiki formatting.

I am using Textile 4 with the CkEditor.  I highlight text to underline, then hit the U button on the toolbar above.  In the WYSIWYG editor, the text will show up as underlined.  But when the actual page is displayed, the text is not underlined and instead shows the <u> </u> tags.

This picture shows what I see in the editor:

From this code:

&lt;h2&gt;&lt;u&gt;Review the characters&lt;/u&gt;&lt;/h2&gt;

&lt;p&gt;Void Master Doran Ku&lt;br /&gt;
Explorator Traxan Hirogenitor&lt;br /&gt;
Astropath Transcendant&amp;nbsp;Sigmund Erasmus&lt;br /&gt;
Navigator Telfina Durun&lt;br /&gt;
Seneschal Jean H Kamen, Esq&lt;br /&gt;
Arch-Militant Katherine Carpenter&lt;br /&gt;
Arch-Militant LN-1402&lt;br /&gt;
Rogue Trader Bastanus Corvo&lt;/p&gt;

But when I save it, the actual page looks like this:

What I'm seeing is very much not what I'm getting.  Any help?


Edit: I'd also like to note that the "code snippet" I used on this post also did not match the editor.  I posted this:

In the code snippit box, and that's not what came out.

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