Update #27 - Not THOSE midterms


Hey again OP,

If you've been watching over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a bit of a drop-off in the weekly update posts. I hate not living up to my responsibilities, but sometimes you get those perfect storm situations where it simply cannot be helped. So what happened you might ask?

In a nutshell, my usual workload for back end items on OP ramped up a bit (due to the at-that-time impending update/feature release). This was coupled with the monumentally time-consuming midterms! No, not those political midterms that everyone's yammering about on the news, the college ones - where the machinations of an otherworldly cadre of educators somehow bends space time to allow for the passage of weeks in the blink of an eye. And finally, (for good measure I guess?) I came down with whatever plague has been roaming the kindergarten my 5 year old attends.

It's been rough, but at last it's over. The feature release got put out, the exams have been completed, and the sickness has passed. For the moment at least, peace and tranquility have returned.

So how about getting the ball rolling again?:

Sounds good! There is one minor change I'll be making going forward however. The actual updates will be housed on the blog, with these forum notifications set to be links to the update, rather than the update themselves. The idea being that over time the blog's tags and categories will make viewing past updates easier than searching the forums. If everything goes as I'm planning, it should work out alright. So head over to the blog and have a read!


All the best,
- Kallak


  • Johnprime
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    Be as careful as you can around your 5 year old when it comes to illness. Years ago the child of a couple that was gaming in our group regularly had been sick. The child was mostly over whatever illness he had, but managed to pass it on to the rest of the group. 4 members of the group had eaten spaghetti that one of them had made, and they thought he had given them food poisoning. I had not eaten the spaghetti, but ended up with the same plague and that's how we found out the child had passed his illness on to us. For the child, it wasn't that bad, but for us adults, most of us were throwing up about every half hour for about 9 hours straight!

    I was considering going to the hospital when it finally passed! Glad you are over whatever it was!


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  • Notsonoble
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    So I hadn't really followed the forums, and didn't know about the resurgence of improvements on OP until the dice roller appeared. I've just read all the update threads. My overall response is that its good to see things moving towards a better site. Its even better to see some signs of communication between the community and OP's devs.


    Thank you all and please continue!

  • Kallak
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    Thanks for the feedback @Notsonoble. There's certainly more to come, so feel free to stay tuned now that you have found us.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
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