Update #24 - Saving the best for last


Hey there OP,

For the purposes of my self esteem, I'm going to pretend that it's still Monday night. So bear with me on that front. Additionally, I'll be starting this update out with the rough spot, and then working my way to the happier parts so that we can end on a high note. That said, let's get into it.

Initiate Update...:

[1] Tags

I've received a new ticket regarding tags that appears to be either a resurgence of the previous tag issue, or a new issue with similar symptoms. Specifically, it's results not appearing, despite the presence of tags, and tag counts not matching up with the page-type counts. I did some experimenting on my own campaign, and (as before) it seems that older tags are not affected, while new(er) ones are. This leads me to suspect it may be the same re-indexing issue as before (or a variant of it perhaps), but until this can be confirmed, any information regarding specifics that people notice if they should encounter issues with tags could potentially be useful. Please send any such information to me at the support email: [email protected]. I'll hopefully have good news on this quickly, and we won't get to where we have widespread problems as there were in the past.

[2] How To's and Logos

My work on filling in the How To articles continues, as does getting game system logos added to the site via the admin dashboard. In terms of a progress report, I'm putting together totals (number of How To's added versus total in my outline, and number of campaigns versus how many with images), and I should hopefully be able to have a percentage breakdown by next update. Some examples of recent logo updates are: Iron Kingdoms (both the d6 and the d20), Old Dragon, Barebones, Aftermath, World of Warcraft and Dungeon World. I've also discovered that some of the URLs are out of date, so I'm having to fix those as well, which is adding that little bit of extra time. Overall though, these are going alright.

[3] New Ascendant Promotion

As you may have seen here on the forums, on the site, or on one of our social media platforms, we're currently running a promotion with Modiphius to give a small gift to new Ascendant sign ups. This will run until October 15th, so if you've been considering subscribing but haven't, doing so inside of the promotion window will get you a nice bonus.

Having said that, I ask you current and longstanding Ascendants not to feel slighted. While I can't make any official comments at this time, I can say that no one has been forgotten, and we're only just starting to get these sorts of things off of the ground.

[4] New Feature Stuff

(Finally, onto the one I really want to talk about) If you recall from before, I mentioned that a new team of techs had been brought into the fold to begin working exclusively on new features for the site. While I haven't mentioned much on these folks or what they've been doing since that announcement, they've been there, hammering away in the workshops so to speak. As of this week, the fruits of their labor have started to land on the testing environments, and I have gotten to see (and play with!) some of the prototypes and work in progress.

My hope is to have some teasers and images for next week's update (I just need to check with the people "upstairs" to see if that's okay before I do it). That said, my initial impressions so far are pretty good. Things are definitely coming along. I can't wait until I'm able to share them with you all.


Until next week!

All the best,
- Kallak


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