[Kickstarter] Seeds of Wars, a Realm management RPG

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Hi friends!

We just published the preview of SEEDS OF WARS, a new RPG campaign setting and Realm management system supported by a web application!

In Seeds of Wars, your character will rule his Realm within a political and economic simulation game. 

Will you attempt to increase your influence by forging new alliances or by destroying your competitors using the cunning art of diplomacy and military strategy?

The crowd funding campaign will be launched soon, subscribe to our newsletter TODAY and you will receive some exclusive artwork and one extra month of subscription on the app with any reward you select during the campaign.

We love feedback! Your opinion counts, please take a moment to tell us what you think of our project and how we could improve.

Join us now and help us SOW the seeds of wars!

Thanks so much!

The SOW Team

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  • Cioffaz
    Posts: 3

    Subscribed, very interesting indeed!

  • Blaede
    Posts: 3

    Thank you Cioffaz!

  • Blaede
    Posts: 3

    Dear gamers,

    The crowdfunding campaign for SOW: Seeds of Wars is now live on Kickstarter! It will be available for 35 days.


    Join us now and pick the reward that suits you best. The first 100 backers get a discount on the hardcover version of the corebook!

    Also have a look at our list of social media achievements. By helping us SOW the seeds of wars, you can unlock some additional cool features.

    Be a Conqueror or a Diplomat. Be a Ruler!

    The SOW Team

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