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  • AidanDark
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    Hello everyone, how's it going? I found a link to this place from the Wiz boards and I decided I rather liked it once I figured out how to edit things!

    Anyway, I've been playing DnD via tabletop on and off for about 5 years now, since my junior year of high school, and I recently wrapped a year long campaign in my homebrew world of Edda. That campaign has paved the pathway to the new campaign currently in the works, 20 years after the last. Like Micah I have had an ever expanding stack of notebooks filled with random notes and NPCs that always seem to be lost or forgotten whenever they are needed.

    I guess I'll plug my campaign because, though not much is there right now, and some of the distant history is purposely vague (wiggle room!), I'm proud of what this site can do for information layout!
  • Micah
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    Welcome! It's always great to have a new campaign that has pages and pages of stuff posted before it's even 24 hours old. Those are the ones that get me really excited.

    I also have to post a link to my new favorite NPC: "Paris Helton": Yes, she is who you think she is... When I saw it, I groaned a little, but then reading the description it sounds as if she actually has had some character development. Then again, there's nothing wrong with some blunt humor tossed in as well. I once had a Star Wars villain named P'zza the Hutt. Not too clever, but the players didn't seem to mind.

    Again, welcome to the community and I can't wait to see more of your campaign. If you're active on other forums (like the Wiz boards), make sure to put a link in your sig back to your campaign. It's a great way to get people to follow your exploits.
  • AidanDark
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    I groaned at the thought of DMing her when a few players decided to do a Celebrity spoof group but it turned out very well. They really did take on lives of their own after a bit of play.

    She adventured with Justin Timberloch (Bard) and Amanda Bines (Warlock) when we had half the party absent a few games and we played short one-shots with the "Hollywood" gang's adventures taking place a few months behind the current game, they stumbled upon the same storyline as the rest of the party but from a different angle..

    Unfortunately they were thrown in jail and we didn't have a lot of absences after that so they stayed there. I asked the player if I could throw her in as a easter egg in the new campaign. Lots of old NPCs and PCs(who survived) will be making appearances.

    Glad you like her and the campaign :) I have a lot of pages of stuff (MSword and stuff) that I'm trying to get compiled so it will be easier to find and won't get lost!
  • geekevolved
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    Thought I'd throw my hat in here =D I'm a player in Aidan's campaign and for all of his games for the last 5 years, lol.

    I really like what you've done :D
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