[LFM][5e][Roll20][P2P] West Marches Style Campaign - Flexible Time Schedule


Hello Fellow DnD enthusiasts.

I am Darrel and I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 10 years.  The majority of that time was spent in the role of the Dungeon Master. I am the current DM for Checkpoint Radio's 2d6 Emotional Damage D&D game which is streamed every Monday through their twitch channel.  Now it is time to expand that world to new adventurers in search of glory!

This campaign is pay to play at $8 per session, or through a patreon sub at certain levels. It will be set up so it will be easy for players to drop in/out with between sessions allowing them control their time commitment to the campaign, as well as their budget. We will use D&D 5E rules and utilize Roll20 to play during the sessions and a Discord server for management/communication between sessions.

The campaign is set along side the events of Storm King's Thunder and the weekly streamed campaign on Checkpoint Radio. Ever wonder in your games what happens to those unexplored corners of the world? What does that one big bad do after he makes his escape and never shows back up? How do player choices that affect the world impact the nearby towns? This campaign aims to explore those questions.

Klaus Shadowcloak has parted ways with his adventuring company, Fortune's Fist. The group has come to realize that the events unfolding since the breaking of the Ordning are bigger than what just the few of them can handle. They need more help if they wish to aid more than those just in front of them. In cooperation with the Harpers, Klaus sets up operation out of The Smiling Satyr, a small tavern establishment in Loudwater. It is time to find new heroes and adventurers in search of treasure, fame, or maybe they have their own motives in taking up the quest.

If you are interested in joining this community that will be built by the players feel free to join the Discord server linked below. Creating a character and joining the server is free! First game session is allowed a full refund if the player is unsatisfied. Additional information can be found on the discord server in the server rules, campaign guidelines, and faq channels. The success of this campaign is all in the players hands, I am just here to ensure everyone has a fun time!

Any questions, feel free to comment below, message me on Reddit, or reach out through the Discord Server.

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