New wiki links on character pages not updating once created


So, lets say I'm adding NPCs and reference something I don't have a wiki page for yet, but I know I want one. For example, in his Bio I write "NPC is from [[New Town]]." But New Town doesn't have its own wiki page yet. Once I save the character, I click the link and create the wiki page for New Town.

But now that the wiki page for New Town exists, if I go back to the NPC's character page, the link is still the one for creating a new wiki page with the name "New Town". It doesn't automatically update to the now valid link. If I click edit and re-save the page, it will re-parse the slug and the link now works.

This wouldn't be a big deal, except I've been creating characters and slugging up their biographies so that I could use those links to create new entries. Now I have to hunt down each character with a slug to a new page and re-save them once it is created.

This is only an issue on character pages. Wiki pages update to the appropriate link automatically.

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