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Rather than have the "Edit This Page" on the Front Page, I would like to have a link to the wiki page that expands on the information I've placed on the Front Page. Is it possible to get ride of the button? I also don't want players editing the page, so that's another reason to remove the temptation.

Appreciate any help!


  • cgregory
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    It is easy to remove. And if you want you can remove it for your players, but leave it there for you.

    This removes it for everyone

    .campaign-landing-page-container .button {

        display: none;


    If you add this second part it places it back for the game-master

    .campaign-game-master .campaign-landing-page-container .button {

        display: inline-block;;


    You can use the .campaign-game-master class in many cases to add things back that you remove from the players.

    For example, I remove the trash button and link in the media library from my players but leave it for me.

    .delete-link.icon-kub-trash.expand.alert {display: none;}

    .campaign-game-master .delete-link.icon-kub-trash.expand.alert {display: inline-block;}

    .delete-link.expand.alert {display: none;}

    .campaign-game-master .delete-link.expand.alert {display: inline-block;}





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  • skridlowe
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    Most excellent, thank you for the help!!!

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