[LFG][Wednesdays 6-10pm Eastern (UTC -4)] Looking for Consistent Group of Weekly Players


Note: This group will play more than just 5e. Also this is a 21+ year old only group and it requires an application.

6 spaces available for new players, veterans, GM’s looking for a break, and players interested in trying GMing.

My promise: To be inclusive and strive for everyone’s comfort and fun. To listen to ideas and feedback. To bring my highest quality work.

Your promise: If you’ve rsvp’ed for the game, to give 24hr notice if you can’t make it (exceptions include illness, emergencies, etc. of course). This is to ensure we play weekly and respect each other’s time.

Players are encouraged to be heavily involved. Taking roles of cat-wrangling, map-building, and GMing occasionally if they'd like.

Time: 6-10pm Eastern (UTC/GMT - 4). See link for your timezone compared to New York time

Frequency: Weekly on Wednesdays.

Location: Discord voice server.

Game Setting: One-shots of pre-written modules, or short campaign arcs. Often outside the traditional spells and swords genre.

Game System: Often not 5e. But players we be hand-held through anything new. Come to learn! (Possibilities: OSR, PbtA, one-pagers, etc.)

Application: Please PM me on Discord (justoneweek#5712) confirming you are 21+ and are available weekly on the time above. Tell me what your experience level is, and what you’d like to get out of this group. No wrong answers here.

About me: I'm a dad in his 30's who has limited free time but is addicted to this hobby. I love many aspects to it from creating stories, intense action, character development, and especially seeing the diverse way players tackle situations.

I've been GMing for about a year and a half now both in person and online and practicing to get better. For whatever reason I've played a lot of non-5th ed games and enjoy exploring other systems and settings. Another thing is I'm a bigger fan of other genres besides the classic DnD lore. So I've played sci-fi, Victorian, modern, cyberpunk, grimdark, etc genres.

I'd like the group to get to know each other's rhythm by playing some one shots. Seeing what we like best. Then discussing what we as a group desire to see in a longer term campaign.


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