[Players Wanted][OD&D] Harkangraf Campaign


Is anyone interested in playing an OD&D-ish styled game on Discord? The campaign includes 10 players thus far, and I'm looking to gather another 10 players for a total roster of 20+. (EGG said one could accommodate 4-50 players!) The idea is to have 2-5 sessions of 2-4 hrs duration, with 3-5 players in each session. We've had two sessions thus far, and four sessions scheduled across this upcoming Thu, Sat, and Sun. If interested, send me a direct message.

Primer for Players: https://1drv.ms/b/s!At9t3rOy_QCT6w9IYYGyc41wztYn

Players Material for the Campaign:https://1drv.ms/b/s!At9t3rOy_QCT60aS5ir5FuAUqetQ

Both experienced and new players ​​​​​​welcomed.



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    From the Players Background

    Know you that more than a century ago, before the rise and subsequent defeat of Elemental Evil, when the Dwarven Halls of Dhâmmerung still echoed with battle-song, and Harkangraf was but an unnamed tract in the land of Ardawsybrynia, there came to be between the Peaks of Bone and Blood and the tranquil homes of the Hobbit Downs a great edifice called Crag Keep. The walls of this fortress were said to have stood defiant against Chaos and all things wicked. And in it dwelled Kaisr Julian, Dirk of Draken Moor, and Alrik the Sword, renowned heroes who did raise the keep from the very rock they excavated when constructing the extensive network of dungeons beneath it.

    Crag Keep was both stronghold and home, and it served as the base of operations for many of the heroes’ exploits. It was in the dungeons beneath the keep that upon any successful return from adventures the three would convalesce, secure their plunder, imprison the wicked, ply the secrets of the Cosmos, traffic with unimaginable entities, and excavate even deeper dungeons below. And so it went for decades, with the three heroes growing stronger and more capable every year.

    What happened then is open to speculation, but one thing is certain: despite their immense powers, Kaisr, Dirk, and Alrik had even mightier enemies, and so it happened that an army most foul and corrupt besieged the keep. Comprised mostly of the Blood Skull Goblin s, the Ogres of Gôg and Magôg, and the Barbarians of Ymûn-Esh, led by the War Duke of Nihran with the help of the Ghost Lords of the East, agents of the Chaos Horde seduced the weakest of the heroes’ confidantes and infiltrated the dungeons beneath the keep. Months of struggle ensued. Eventually, the dungeons were sacked and the upper works sundered and razed. With the heroes defeated, the forces of Chaos turned against itself, and eventually it dispersed into numerous warring factions. None of the bodies of the three heroes were ever found, and it’s believed the three escaped with the help of divine aid. Still, none of the heroes were seen or heard from again.

    Decades after the keep was destroyed, courageous men under the writ of the Grand Autarch of Ilmiôr settled the lands of the newly decreed Harkangraf and returned to the site of the old keep to rebuild it, but not before sealing the entrances to the dungeons below. For several decades thereafter, the keep has remained vigilant against encroaching Chaos. It even managed to attracted some 200 inhabitants to the valley at the foot of the crag on which the keep sits. Yet while life seems to have returned to normal on the hinterlands, Chaos seems to be on the rise again. Banditry has become more common in the region, and people speak of monstrosities appearing more regularly along the outskirts of well-trodden paths. And recently, a rare quake that rattled the countryside seems to have opened up the cliff side, exposing entrances into the rock walls that may lead to the infiltration of the keep, or worse, the escape of vile and wicked things into the nearby hamlet and beyond. Local authorities have issued a call to any and all heroes willing to plumb the dungeon depths and eradicate any threat that might still be lurking therein. If only there were daring and courageous heroes who might answer the call.

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