Update #15 - The should've-been-up-hours-ago update


Hey OPers, I know it's a bit later in the day than I normally post these, but here are the updates nonetheless.

What's the latest?

[1] Twitter authentication

Mostly good news on this one (finally). The culprit for the 500 errors when trying to authenticate via Twitter has been found. The fix isn't quite done yet, but it's in the works and should drop pretty soon. Long story short, there were some communication changes due to the GDPR and not everything was playing nicely. So hang in there guys, the end of the tunnel is in sight.

[2] Mobile updates/fixes

Despite the wrestling match with Twitter authentication, the team was able to get some other smaller tasks hammered out for the mobile side of things this week as well. Firstly, the menu system on mobile now properly displays the icon/link for the private messaging area (so, no more having to go through a campaign dashboard to get to your PMs on mobile). Secondly, a fix surrounding tag-adding via mobile was rolled out. Comma-triggered tagging should be more functionally sound now. There's still a bit of room for improvement on this comma-triggering front, but it's looking like that's going to take some additions to the JS, so that might have to wait a little bit right this moment.

There are more mobile updates and fixes on the way, so keep an eye out for those. If you know of something on the mobile version of the page that could use some love, tell me about it at [email protected]

[3] Game system change for new(er) folks

We made the first in a series of smaller changes designed to assist new(er) users this week, updating the default get-started adventure log that's created for new campaigns. A paragraph prompting the GM to set the campaign's game system was added with a link to the appropriate page in the Settings area. What we've been finding lately is that new(er) users haven't been setting a game system to their campaigns, and thus have been missing out on available DSTs that they could have been using.

So, in the interests of being more new-user-friendly, we've outlined some tweaks that we can make to get them up to speed a bit faster. These will be rolling out here and there as time permits. The one most likely to be rolled out next (schedule depending) is to add the option to input a game system on the campaign creation window (which currently only requires a name). If you have any ideas that might help new(er) users, or if you are a new(er) user and have found something that you think could use a tweak, let me know at [email protected]


That's going to do it for now. More updates next week (at an earlier time, I promise!)

All the best,
- Kallak


  • Krothos
    Posts: 230

    As always, your updates are appreciated. Thank you!


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