Update #14 - The quick update


Hey OP, it's time for that Monday update. This'll be kind of a quick one as I'm heading out the door to get that 4th of July with the family on,  so I hope you all don't feel short-changed this week.

Quick man, whats been going on?

[1] Twitter authentication

Work on this has been progressing, but it's still not there yet obviously. The hope is that this will be resolved in time for next week's update. We'll see how that goes. Cross your fingers twitter folks.

[2] Interactive Maps

Turns out there was one final issue with maps and map markers that needed to be resolved. Thankfully it now has been, and the issue that was causing some maps to not be able to save new map markers has been repaired, as the fix rolled out today.

[3] CotM for July

The newest Campaign of the Month winner has been chosen, and the blog interview post will be up in the coming days. There's also some exciting news on this front, thanks to some fantastic friends we've been making out in the gaming world. I don't want to give too much away prior to the blog post, but suffice to say that going forward, CotM winners will be getting a little more than a feature post and profile badges.


That's it for the moment. Have a great holiday for all of you in the US. Catch everyone soon.

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  • Bortas
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    Good news on the maps front - one of my favorite features of OP. I would love it to have more bells and whistles, but I'll totally take smooth operation first!


  • alex_redeye
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    Hope you guys are able to sort out the access to the social accounts and all of that, sorry I wasn't able to be of more help on that front, but I didn't really keep much in the lines of details or files on my personal PC after leaving the project.

    Really good to see things making progress generally speaking, though, and I still think you're wonderfully suited for the roles you have been given Kallak.  Kudos on continuing the process of getting this place course corrected.


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