Update #13 - Twitterpated


Hey OP, if you didn't catch it in the previous thread, I've moved the weekly update post to Mondays for the time being, with the potential for them to stay (we'll see how it goes, my plan at the moment is to try it out for a couple weeks and then evaluate). That said, let's get into it:

What's the latest word?

[1] Media Storage

Fixes for the issues that were being worked on for media storage are now complete, and have been rolled out. Everything should be functioning correctly. As always, if you encounter a problem, please open a ticket at [email protected] and give me as many specific details as you can so I can verify and do my thing to get the information into the correct hands on the back end.

Messages have also been added for when you are nearing the end of your allotted space (20% from full), and when your space is exhausted. Those who are within range to see these messages might notice that the coloration or the positioning could potentially change, but it's live and operational.

[2] Twitter Authentication

The problems users are experiencing attempting to log onto the site via twitter is the current big ticket item being worked on. As soon as appropriate repairs have been made we'll get it out. For the moment at least, that's all I've got.

[3] Upcoming CotM

July draws near, and so it's almost time for the next campaign of the month. If you have or know of a campaign that deserves to be featured, tell the committee about it in the nominations thread here on the forums so it can be added to those being considered.

[4] The "Semi-teaser-esque stuff" from last post

Regrettably, I'm going to have to delay this for one more update (I'm sorry, I know, I suck). It wasn't my intention, but there's another thing going on behind closed doors that has a "deadline" we're shooting for, and if I'm going to make that, it's going to take a bit of focus. So hang in there just a little bit longer on this and I'll get it out.


That's going to have to do for now. It's not as much as I was hoping to get to this time around, but I'll do my best to make up for it next update.

All the best,
- Kallak
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