Update #10 - Tag! You're it!


Hey there OP!

This week's post comes a little later in the day than normal, but it's okay, because there's good news.

What's the Good Word?

[1] Tags/Searching Repair Status

Our second big-ticket item that has been under repair work, the problems that users have been experiencing with tags and searching (the incomplete or absent results, and more recently the 500 errors) are now fixed. There's still a bit more work that needs to be done to ensure that the indexing issue that caused things to go off the rails doesn't crop up again, but that should be all on the back end.

[2] Blog commenting and menu

Sucuri firewall issues that were causing "Access Denied" errors when people were trying to post comments to the blog have been resolved. Your comment may still potentially go to the Pending area for review (and thus not be posted straight away), but given that this was normal behavior prior to the Sucuri issues, that's okay. The navigation menu is still a tad broken, but fear not, it'll be back up and working again soon.

[3] Campaign of the Month

The selection committee is up and running once again, and the process of selecting the next CotM is underway. Keep an eye out for the announcement post in the coming days, because it's close. If you have or know about a campaign that you think should be featured, be sure to let the committee know in the nomination thread!


That's gonna wrap things up for now. Once the preventative work for tags/searching is finished, dev side will continue down the list of roadmap items.

Until next week.

All the best,
- Kallak


  • BarryBybax
    Posts: 9

    Woo-hoo on searching!

    Thank you!!

  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 2,014

    Thanks for the update.


    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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  • auchtor
    Posts: 3

    Nice! Glad to see you got the indexing issue resolved.

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