Players in SF Bay Area wanted for a HârnMaster/HârnWorld rpg campaign


I'm looking for about five players to join my homebrewed "Home Sweet Home" Hârn campaign (HârnMaster 3, Kaldor) at Game Kastle (Fremont or Mountain View) in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you know anyone who likes to join then please let me know. The players can be from completely newbies to well experienced players. The goal is to run the game once a month.

The campaign is set in Kaldor and the characters are all of noble birth from the same Clan. In fact, most will be siblings. Their father died, mysteriously, of a violent death last year and the player characters are about to collect their rightful inheritance.

"It's harvest time, Agrazhar 25th, the sun has kissed the fields all day and is now playing hide and seek behind the peaks of the Felsha Mountains. Thank the Gods it's been a good harvest year. As you all sit around the table in the solar room and listens to your father's last will, read by your mother, horsemen are approaching your quiet village in full gallop. You can vaguely detect, through a window, a knight of Larani and his party in the distance whipping up a cloud of dry dust from the dirt road. The church bell alarms the village. Your mother's face turns pale as the men swiftly and elegantly gets off their grunting and fatigued horses, she curtsies them welcome along with a stiff smile. Nothing will ever be the same again.”

Hârn is divided into two systems: HârnMaster with its rule system, and HârnWorld, a rich world setting that has been expanding for decades. You can use both systems, or combine with any other rule or world systems as you please. This campaign uses both HârnMaster and HârnWorld. HârnMaster similates realism, thus hit points is replaced with injuries, fatigue, blood loss, infection and hit locations. The world is set in an early medieval time with a pantheons of Gods and a touch of fantasy creatures and powerful yet rarely noticeable magic.

Life on Hârn is tough: it's a large, cold and rainy island. You are surrounded by beasts from the wilderness, aggressive barbarians and distant kingdoms. Everyone are on their toes, from toothless slaves and powerful merchants, to King Miginath and his trusted allies. Traveling is discouraged by harsh stormy rainy falls, snow cold winters, and roads turns into knee deep muddy trails in spring. Most people will never leave their shire, let alone, some have never put their foot outside their village boundaries. Strangers are met with suspicion, news and gossip are welcome, magic is against the law, witches are burned, and Lords are keeping their slaves and peasants in tight control while fighting off threats from neighboring noble clans. This is life on Hârn where your heroic characters are set into play.

If this sounds like a game you would like to try out then message me. I have not yet secured players, so I have about five slots open.

Contact me:

I'm looking forward to be hearing from you.


Jonas T.

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