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As-is, there seems to be no way to limit the viewing of dynamic character sheets to a single (or set of) players, I initially thought the 'is this character a secret' tickbox combined with a player secret would work, but it turns out that it Obsidian Portal doesn't even allow for that. Part of the fun that my players and I have is keeping a bit of mystery around what each character can do, and if that's visible for every player, then that's no longer present, so Obsidian Portal really just ends up being a slightly tidier replacement to a pinned Pastebin in our announcements area.

tl;dr: Please allow for private Dynamic Character Sheets. It'd be quite useful for my campaign, and I assume other people's campaigns as well.

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    While you wait for this feature to be implemented or not, you can implement what you want by having your players each create a private campaign that they invite only you to the campaign (or you can create one private campaign for each player and invite the specific player to the campaign) they can create their full characters there using dynamic character sheets.

    In your campaign they add whatever character info they want the other characters to see plus add a link to their character sheet on their private campaign, so you and them can quickly jump to that character.

    Those private campaigns can hold multiple dynamic character sheets from multiple campaigns, you just need to change the gamesystem you are currently playing (and you don't lose previous dynamic character sheets).

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