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  • kaeosdad
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    Hey all! I just started a campaign in Dnd 4th edition and a friend pointed out this site. This is my first campaign for the new edition and I've had limited experiences with DMing.

    I've launched the campaign wiki and adventure log and would appreciate any comments/feedback!

    "Epic Adventure":


  • FemmeLegion
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    I like the idea of bonus XP for additional detail in character creation, and I will probably swipe that idea when I finally get a campaign of my own off the ground.

    Since I mostly use OP to keep campaign notes (I am listed as a GM on "The Vale": but I'm really not), I can't give you a whole lot of feedback as to how to use the site. If it works for you and your players, I call that a successful use.
  • kaeosdad
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    Cool! As an added bonus to the DM (and actually the main reason I did it) you get a lot of backstory to work with for plot hooks, story lines, arch enemies, etc...

    I began the game with a very loose plot and a quick first encounter, then based off of player's responses, interactions, and then eventually, the backstory everyone turned in, I mixed it all in a pot and boiled, and simmered until it became something I feel like everyone could enjoy.

    Each person has a personal story, and emotional, or personal ties into the initial story arc which I dubbed "The Gathering of Heroes."

    Also after the second session, the player's are halfway to level 1 which excites alot of the players. The bonus xp is justified as experiences they had before reaching the fateful tavern.
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